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Hair Pretties!!

I owe a big Thanks to Christy of "The Chrysanthemom" blogspot. Her June 20th entry showed how easy (& inexpensive) it was to make these flower hair pretties. Check out Christy's blog (the link is on the side under Other Blogs to check out.) She also makes jewelry and sells it online at This is a site that specializes in hand made items by individual sellers. They have everything from paper crafts, jewelry to clothing and toys. Mom, check it out and show it the girls too. You could sell your jewelry there if you wanted. (Christy's blog posted with permission.)

(Quick note - do wait until the glue has completely dried before letting your daughter actually put them on her matter how hard she begs. You will avoid gluing the hair pretty to her head...I admit nothing.)

Here are a few more pictures of a very happy Maeve showing off her favorite new hair pretties.

Smile for the camera. Maeve is happiest in motion.

Here she is posing for Mommy...

Close up time...

"Jacket" forever. I still have to sneak her jacket away to wash it. It goes everywhere with her.


Smudge (2004-2009)...In Loving Memory

"Desert Winds Smudgalicious"

Born on March 24, 2004
Passed Away on May 10, 2009

The first "Baby" in the house, she willingly and easily ceded her title as "Princess" to Maeve when she came home. Always gentle, always sweet, she routinely checked on Maeve anytime she fussed, Smudge was trained as a Therapy dog and specialized working with children. Her devotion to Maeve & myself was complete and we were devoted to her. She was loved and is now sorely missed.

When we talk about Smudge, Maeve usually tells me, "Mommy, Smudge playing with the other doggies in heaven. She okay." Maeve is right. 1 comments

Poor Baby...

Here is Baby & Maeve crashed out on the floor. It was a long day of fun and games for Maeve and another long day of "Maeve" for Baby.

Unfortunately for Baby, Maeve looovvvveees her. I say "unfortunately", because Maeve shows her devotion by...

- using her as a handy "step-stool". Why climb up, when Baby provides such a nice step next to the sofa, chair, etc.
- jumping up and down on her. Who needs a trampoline when you have an ever patient 130+ lb happy hippo to jump on.
- constantly ordering her around. "The General" is still alive and kicking with poor Baby bearing the brunt of most of Maeve's commands.
- horsey back ride anyone? Well she is as big as a small pony.

Now, for the record, I do not allow any of the above and have had several talks with Maeve on proper ways to show Baby how much she loves her. Except for ordering her around all the time, Maeve is getting much better at treating poor Baby in a more appropriate manner. For Baby's part, she is as gentle as she is huge & adores Maeve. She puts up with everything and comes back for more, constantly following Maeve around (when she is not napping.)

Don't be fooled by her slightly droopy looks, Baby has a sense of humor with the situation. More than once Maeve has gone sliding down Baby's back when a "horsey back ride" abruptly ended when Baby sat down. My favorite was the "bounce back". This is when Baby was standing by the counter & Maeve smacked into Baby when she came running around the counter at full steam. Baby didn't move, but the force of the collision caused Maeve to bounce back at least a foot. It was the funniest thing, with Maeve all upset and Baby acting completely innocent. 0 comments

The Weekend

We had a fun weekend. Maeve was a good sport while Mommy did some shopping, so we hit the playground and the pool each day. Tons of fun, but most of the laughs were from our shopping trip. Or should I say, Maeve was quite entertaining to all around us. Oh, where to begin...

- First there was the exclamation from Maeve at one store, "Look Mommy! I made a seven!!". And indeed she had. She had licked a number "7" onto one of the full length mirrors. (Licking is a new favorite past time...It could be worse.)

- Then there was the to be expected, "Mommy! I gotta go POTTY!!!". Of course this happened when we were in a dressing room and I was half dressed. Did I mention that I had asked her 10 minutes prior. Hmmm.

- My favorite was when she tripped and landed on her little tushy. (You know where this is going.) I asked her if she was okay. Maeve replied, "I okay Mommy. I hurt my tushy. Mommy, kiss it. Kiss my tushy!". Then I had a three year old following me, shouting loudly, "Mommy, kiss my tushy!!". She finally settled for a kiss on the head, but not before half the store was in stiches.

Life is never boring with Maeve around. 0 comments

Maeve Update

Tonight, Maeve offered me the moon...

We were sitting out on the patio in the early evening. Still light, but the evening sky was beginning to show. Maeve happily pointed out the moon to me way up in the sky. Stretching her arms out, standing on tip toe, she made several attempts to "reach" it.  This is her normal routine when she sees the moon, and tonight was no different.  She kept trying to grab the silly moon. "I can't reach Mommy! I can't reach!!", she told me.  "Stretch higher, you can do it", I replied, envisioning a future NASA astronaut.  Then she stretched up so high, straining on her tip toes and brought her hands together, gently cradling an invisible moon. Walking over to me, she said, "Here you go Mommy. The moon" and handed it over.   Some moments I will treasure forever and this is one of them. We spent a half hour throwing it back into the sky and catching it again. Who knew the Moon was on a "catch & release" program.

This past Saturday, Maeve offered me a moon of a different kind. ;) Saturday night, Maeve had been in a bed for awhile and I was just dosing off, when I heard Maeve get up and go to the bathroom. So far, so good. About three minutes later, I hear the distinct sound of....humming. Loud. very loud, tuneless, little girl humming. I ignore for a minute or two, then wondering that all consuming question that typical parents of toddlers have at any given hour of the day, "What the heck is she doing in there?", I got up and opened my door to see what was up. And what do I see??? There's Maeve. Standing square in front of the toilet, with a hand on each side of the toilet, peering intently into the bowl, her pants were still down. She is loudly humming her tuneless tune while she is patiently waiting for me. The following conversation then ensued.

Mommy: "Maeve, what are you doing?"
Maeve: "Oh, Hi Mommy" with a hint of surprise, like imagine seeing you here.
Maeve: "Look Mommy" (pointing into the toilet) "There's a lot of poop in there!"

Then with a big grin, Maeve immediately turns around and presents me with a bare tushy for wiping. She had been patiently waiting for me to show up for my part in the potty routine. Just one of the many things they don't put in those nice official baby books. :)

Note: Those goggles in the picture. We were no where near the water, but one of my friends offered them to Maeve that day and she wore them the rest of the day. Goggles, after all, provide a polished finished to all toddler looks. 0 comments

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