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It's been an interesting week...

Well, they always say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here is my picture for the week.

Haircuts & Dinosaur fossils...all by Maeve I have to add.  Yes, this week Maeve decided it was time to cut her "bangs".  Technically, she doesn't have bangs, or at least she didn't have bangs.  What she has are longer wispy pieces in the front that have happened when she drags her hair pretty from her pony tail, causing a few pieces of hair to break off.  She doesn't like that, because her current favorite hair style is a low pony tail in the back, with all of her hair in it.  So, this past Sunday, while I was doing yard work and she was supposed to be playing inside, Maeve took matters into her own hands and trimmed her bangs.  Basically, cutting all the hair around her face to a super short length.  She was so proud of herself when she was telling me about it, especially the part where she told me that "I didn't even ask your permission first" knowing full well that I would have said No.  Oh well, it is just hair.  It will grow back and Maeve thinks she looks great.  So if she is happy, I am happy.  But all scissors are now safely put up and hidden from my budding hair stylist.

Now the dinosaur fossils are all part of her latest interest.  Ever since we saw the dinosaurs at some of the nearby museums, Maeve is crazy about dinosaurs.  My dressed in every shade of pink and sparkles princess is a Dino-fanatic.  One of her favorite places at one of the museums is the "Find the Fossil" area.  Basically a sand box, with fake fossils covered up and small paint brushes attached to the sides for budding paleontologists to dig up their latest discovery.  So, when I saw some dinosaur sand toys on clearance at a local store, I had an idea.  Today, Maeve & I, with the generous helping of Plaster of Paris made our very own dinosaur fossils.  Tons of fun, now I am searching for a clearance kiddy pool or sandbox to hide them in to complete the game.

The best thing about making "fossils" is that is perfectly okay if the break or chip a little coming out of the molds...and if your plaster bubbles up a little bit, it just makes them look more authentic.  ;)

My favorite picture from the week is Maeve acting silly at the pool.  This is typical Maeve and shows off her new bangs as well.


A TV when she is 12 years old...

I should have known I was in trouble.  That is all I can say, I should have known trouble was brewing when Maeve strolled on up and casually mentioned, "Mommy, I have to ask you something."  I'm still scratching my head over what followed.

Me - "What did you want to ask me?"
Maeve, straight to the point, - "Can I have a TV in my room?"
Me - "No.  We've talked about this.  I am not getting you a TV for your room."

At this point, the discussion should have been over.  Question asked, answer received, but No, Maeve was determined to make her case.

Maeve - "But, Mommy, I am so booorrreeed.  If I had a TV, I wouldn't be bored."
Me, foolishly thinking I had her here, - "Now Maeve, if you are bored, you have so many toys to play with and books to read.  Go play with..."
Maeve, politely, but firmly cutting me off, - "Mommy, I know I have a lot of toys and books, but I am too bored to play with any of them."  At this point, her voice is adopting a tone to it.  Some sort of mix between strained patience and blatant patronization as she has to explain everything to me.  "Mommy, I am thinking of my toys, but I am too bored to play with them and I am thinking of my books too.  Mommy, I am just too bored to read."

Now, this is actually pretty funny and I am congratulating myself, a bit prematurely, that not only is this an easy argument to win, but I am getting "Good Mommy" points here by showing such patience and restraint.  So, I start up again.

Me - "Well, Maeve, if you can't find anything to do", I begin, but before I can get any further.
Maeve - "Mommy, you have a TV in your room.   No fair, I should have one in my room too.  Mommy, don't you want to be fair?"
Me - "Now, Maeve.  I don't have a TV in my room, I have a computer and I use it to work."

Now, I am feeling guilty over a little white lie, because I use my computer to watch TV too.  Just have to love Hulu & Netflix.  But I quickly rebound.

Me - "Maeve, you watch Netflix on the Ipad.  Why don't you just use that right now if you are so bored."
Maeve - "Mommy, I am just too bored to use the Ipad.  Besides Mommy, you know how I always am on your Ipad and you can't play your card game?  Well, if I had a TV in my room, I could watch my TV and you would be able to use your Ipad."

Notice the quick switch there by Maeve.  This is my favorite part.  The fact that I will have an opportunity to use the Ipad, which is mine by the way.  The conversation continued for another five minutes, with me saying No and Maeve giving her best argument on the advantages of the arrangement.  I have to give her credit, she is good.  In the end I did what any good, firm and to the point parent would do.  I told her she could have a TV when she was 12 years old.  If I thought she would forget about this conversation and I wouldn't have to worry about it anymore, I was wrong.  Since then, her opening line of conversation with anyone she comes in contact with is, "I'm getting a TV when I am 12 years old.  Mommy promised me!"

I am in so much trouble when she gets older.  :)


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