Recipe for a Forever Family: Take One Mom (formerly from the Midwest), Add One Cutie Pie (formerly from China), then slowly Stir in Two Big Drooly Dogs.

The crazy lady with the really small feet.

Shopping with a toddler is always an adventure. One that will surely land me in the looney bin one of these days. It is not Maeve. She is a good shopper, especially if shoes are involved. No, it is the Mommy that is in question and normally under constant surveillance. I'm on the lookout for the big white van with the nice men and the white coat with extra long arms. :)

Still not sure what I am talking about? Let me describe a couple of our typical outings.
- This past weekend at the grocery store. Me talking to Maeve, "Let's get some BLUUUUE BERRRIEES! WE LOOOOVVEE BLUUUE BEERRIES!! They are right over there, so let's go get them! YEAH!!! BLUEEE BERRRRIIIIES!!!" Maeve is jumping up and down with a huge, ear to ear grin, because she loves her blue berries. Now look at the same situation from the point of view of the five other people in the fruit and vegetable area of the store. Did I mention they can't see Maeve. Mini-me is below eye level behind the fruit stand. So, it's just some crazy lady talking about blue berries. Loudly and in a sing-song voice.
- Target, two weeks ago. Maeve is doubled over pushing the cart. She loves to push the cart and insists on doing so at every opportunity. Mini-me can not reach the handle, so she bends over and holds the bar at the bottom. Did I mention, no one can see her, especially with a Target cart in front of her. Again the crazy lady is talking, "GOOD PUSHING!! Oh my goodness!! Great Job!! You are the BEST PUSHER EVER!!" Meanwhile, Maeve is going full throttle and if I'm not careful will take out anything in her path. So not only is the Crazy Lady congratulating herself on what a good job she is doing, but she is blazing through the store like it is the Indy 500! One woman finally approached me laughing, saying that until she was finally close enough to see Maeve, she just thought I was some crazy person with really tiny feet. (The only part of Maeve that she could see.)

Oh well...I am resigned. People think I am crazy and I'm okay with that. After all, who wants to be predictable??

Here are a couple of pictures after our last trip to Target. I found a purse and cute hair accessories for Maeve. She insisted on carrying the purse and wearing the headband throughout the store. Of course, all the sales tags were still there and the headband was still attached to the cardboard holder, but that didn't phase Miss Fashion Statement. Truly, "The General" can pull any look off! Did I mention that we spent a hour in Barnes & Noble after that with the same fashion statement? I can only imagine what people were saying. :))


The General Returns!

Sorry everyone! Between major computer issues and all the hoopla of starting a new job, my blogging has lapsed considerably. The good news is that the dust has settled well from the job switch and my computer is back home after major repairs. There is plenty to update everyone on, especially our Christmas holiday, but I'll just do a quick post tonight to put a few pictures up.

By the way, my new nickname for Maeve is "The General", as she can bark orders out with the best of them.

Case in point...what is a bored toddler to do when her Mommy is taking too long in the shower??? Wait quietly? Not Maeve. Cry or throw a tantrum?? Oh No, not my Maeve. Wait patiently, while amusing herself with the many toys Mommy has left out for her??? What?! Are you living in Fantasy Land?!?

Not "The General"! When Mommy forgets her place in the pecking order and interferes with the stated order of the day (Eat, Park, Eat, Watch Einsteins, Eat, Play, etc.), "The General" quickly re-establishes order to the impending chaos! Stomping over to the bathroom door with every ounce of her 24 lbs in each step, her miniature Mary Jane shoes make an impressive squeak as she nears her objective. Then with a decisive swoosh, "The General" pulls back the shower curtain with one sweep, barking out in a surprisingly deep voice, "MOMMY! AAAH DON!!!!". Just in case the angry look is missed, "The General" pulls down the bath towel and throws that into the tub for good measure. (Seriously she did all of this!) Private Mommy is once again reminded of her rank within the household and order is restored.

Here she is calling Grandma & Grandpa to tell them all about it.

More news....
Smudge had 8 puppies!!!

Our friend, Doug, actually had three sets of litters including Smudges', for a total of 27 puppies. Maeve loved them all!

Here she is with Niki's puppies.

"The General" had a great time, until all the puppies decided she was a big puppy toy. :) Don't worry, prior to leaving she had re-established control of the situation. ;) 2 comments

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