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A few of my favorite things

We have quite a few new stories to share...

1) Earlier, I posted our Mother's Day picture of Maeve & I sporting our "Me" & "Mini Me" shirts. We are in that phase where she copies everything that I do. If I cross my legs, she crosses her legs. If I sit on the couch, she sits on the couch. It's a riot to watch.

2) We are quickly memorizing the entire dialogue for "Madagascar" ( Zebra as Maeve calls it), "Finding Nemo" (Nemo), "Toy Story" (Toy), "Monsters Inc" (Monster) and of course "Elmo goes to Grouchland". I'm sure this will prove vitally useful at some point in my life.

3) Maeve loves those movies and has her favorite parts in each of them. In Madagascar, she loves when the lion and the zebra sing "New York, New York". She insists on putting our faces cheek to cheek like the characters and we sing "New York, New York" right along with them. She also likes to go "Surprise" along with the lion at the beginning of the movie, complete with goofy look and hands up in the air. :) In Toy Story, she always grabs the microphone from our video game player and participates in the staff meeting that Woody gives to the other toys. In Monsters, Inc., she pretends to be scared at the beginning. Somehow, she has figured out that she should be scared, so as soon as the movie starts, the movie that she insisted on watching, she will hightail it out of the room and peek around the corner during the first scene. Then she comes back laughing.

4) Bedtime is going very well now...although we went through a very, very, very, very (did I say very) rough spell there. We are down from 2-3 hours of Maeve & I struggling over her bedtime, to 8:30pm sharp, we have our routine and off to bed she goes. Sunday, she was so tired and cranky that I asked her if she wanted to go to bed at 7:15pm and she said Yes (I almost fell over). So upstairs we went and off to bed without a single fuss.

5) She loves her dresses, especially one in particular. I have to hide it sometimes, or she would wear it everyday along with her pink sandals with the flowers. I swear people think I have nothing else for her to wear. When she isn't wearing her dress, she likes to pick out her clothes. She has come up with some pretty interesting combinations, but what can I say, she is a fashion forward trend setter, just like her Mommy...that's what I say when I don't match. :)

6) Who knew the sound "Ugh" could have so many inflections and meanings...and who knew that I could understand them all.

7) Maeve still carries around her 12 month pink jacket religiously. It is her "blankie" and I am careful to always have it nearby. I finally did convince her that it is too small to wear. She reluctantly agreed to wear a bigger jacket, so now we tote around two jackets everywhere.

8) Maeve has excellent eye sight. She can spot a M&M 4.2 miles away. 1 comments

It's been awhile...

Between work, connecting with SKYPE with the folks and Maeve's new found dislike for has been a struggle to find time to update our blog. Work is still crazy, but the 2-3 hours it was taking to put Maeve to bed seems to be finally over. She only got out of bed once tonight and went right back when I asked her too. YEAH!!

Here are a few pictures to catch up from April...


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