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"I reading!"

This picture was taken on January 4, 2009.

Maeve, my little chatterbox, was unusually quiet. The norm is that I can tell from the volume level where she is at any given time. She is a bit of a chatterbox...just like her Mom. This afternoon was different. The conversation went something like this:

Mommy, calling out from the other room: "Maeve, what are you doing?"
Maeve, hollering back: "I reading."
Mommy, questioning, still from the other room: "What?"
Maeve, hollering back again: "I reading!"
Mommy, this time poking her head into the room: "You're what?"
Maeve, losing patience: "Mommy! I reading!!"
Mommy, seeing very cute picture opportunity: "Don't move!!"

PS - Mom, that is the book that you gave me at Maeve's baby shower. 2 comments

"That was fun!"

Today, we went to Maeve's 3 year check up. As per our tradition with Doctor visits, Maeve cried through most of it and really screamed when she received two shots. But...the funny part came as we were leaving. Her face still red & puffy from crying, the nurse offered her a sticker and a lollypop. After careful consideration, she made her selections. A elephant sticker and a pink lollypop.  Before leaving the office, I dutifully unwrapped the lollypop and stuck the elephant sticker on her shirt.  As we are heading towards the door, Maeve turns to me, big smile on her tear stained face, and says....

"Mommy, that was fun!" Then, happily trotted out to the car with me and we went home.

Mental Note: At Maeve's next check up, make inquiries about short term memory loss symptoms. ;) 0 comments

Easter 2009

My first attempt at making a movie with my updated IMovie. It's not quite how I would like it, but not too bad considering this is the first time I have used the program. :)


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