Recipe for a Forever Family: Take One Mom (formerly from the Midwest), Add One Cutie Pie (formerly from China), then slowly Stir in Two Big Drooly Dogs.

M&Ms, Elmo & a Chicken...

Today we went to JC Penneys for our Halloween pictures. As usual, Maeve walked in with a huge smile and promptly charmed everyone there...then she saw the camera and promptly started crying, and crying and crying. I ordered a couple of poses that she only looked somewhat miserable in. I am going to try one more time Monday to see if we can't get a cute and smiling Mom & Daughter shot.

BUT...I did pull out the camera when we finally made it back home (stopped off at the Toys R Us for a new Elmo doll first.) Then she was more than happy to pose for a few pictures. Now here is a happy baby!


Hayride Heaven

Maeve had a great weekend last week visiting family & friends back in the Midwest. The highlight of the weekend was our cousin's annual "Hayride" party. With plenty of cousins to play with, a huge yard to roam around in, children's play area galore, not to mention the craft table and every snack known to humankind available...Maeve was in heaven! Here she is with her Uncle Tony scoping out her next activity.

She quickly zeroed in on a particularly tasty cookie. The fact that someone else had it didn't slow her down in the slightest. After several failed attempts to take a bite of the other baby's cookie (much to the hysterics of everyone around us) I broke down and brought her a cookie of her own. Problem solved.

Then it was off for a hayride with Mommy, Uncle Tony, Aunt Melissa, Aunt Mary Ann and her cousins. Don't forget the driver...cousin Kevin!

After a long day, it was crash time.


The Queen & her loyal subjects...

Some little girls are born to be Queen. :)

After a trip to Chucky Cheese with her daycare friends, Maeve came home with a crown of her own.
So here is the Queen enjoying a nice lunch of grapes, bagel with bologna & cheese sandwich and a little milk to wash it all down. The Queen is still learning to take smaller bites, hence the bulging cheeks. ;)

No Queen would be caught dead without her loyal subjects nearby, and here they are...loyal until the last crumb disappears, then they will probably take a nap.


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