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Maeve's Fashion Style

Around November of 2009, Maeve decided she could dress herself all by herself in the morning and did not need any "advice" from Mommy. This decision prompted some interesting clothing choices. Usually she dressed herself in some variation of pink and "Dora", but sometimes her mood took her elsewhere and we ended up with some very creative dressing options, such as the one to the left.

This look to the left was composed of her shorts & shirt, knee high Valentines Day socks and her water shoes. Needless to say, we turned
a few heads while we were out and about that day, but who am I to stifle the artist within. :)

Other days we end up with more normal looking outfits, such as the one to the right.

But a clear favorite and worn many times throughout the month of November was her Halloween costume. Here she accessorized with eyeshadow, just like Mommy (as she told me...hmm, maybe it's time for a makeover.)

We did wash off the make up before we left for our Saturday errands and my little fairy and I had a wonderful day.


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